Rising Pune Supergiants & Gujarat Lions new Jersey Images

This post is completely about Rising Pune Supergiants Jersey and also Gujarat Lions JerseyIPL 10 or VIVO IPL 2017 is the upcoming season of Indian Premier League scheduled from 5 April 2016 to 21 May 2016.

Vivo IPL 2017 Auction was held in Banglore on 6th february 2017 and there are 8 teams participating in the 9th season of Vivo IPL 2017.

Two new teams have been introduced in IPL 2017 namely Gujrat Lions and Rising Pune Supergiants which will play in place of two famous teams from earlier seasons of IPL,Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals.

These new teams will be representing the cities of Pune and Rajasthan in this coming season of VIVO IPL 2017.

Let's have a look to both of the teams jearsy for VIVO IPL 2017.

Rising Pune Supergiants Jearsy For IPL 2017:

Rising Pune Supergiants is all new team which was founded last year when Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals were banned from IPL.
Dhoni will be the caption of the team which also includes number of Drafting players such as Ravichandran Ashwin,FAF de Plessis,Steven Smith and Ajinkya Rahane.

Finally on 15th the caption MS Dhoni unveiled the jearsy of his new team RSP along with owner of franchise RSP Sanjeev Goenka.The new jearsy is made up of combination of multiple colours to make its look beautiful and different from others.

The colours used in jearsy are vibrant and compliment to each other indicating winning attitude of the Team.

Gujarat Lions  Jearsy For IPL 2016:

Gujarat Lions will be the first team to represent their state in Indian Premier League season as it also makes its entry in IPL 2016 along with Rising Pune Supergiants.

The team will serve as one of the replacements for Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals, who were both suspended for two seasons due to alleged illegal betting by their respective owners.

The franchise is owned by Intex Technologies.On Saturday 20th February 2016 Suresh Raina along with owner of the Team Keshav Bansal launched the new jearsy of the team for the upcoming season of VIVO IPL 2016.

The colour of the jersey is Orange and Blue to represent boldness.